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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wee Little Annabel

Hello World! This is Annabel.

As you definitely don't know, I live in a room that most of the time rather resembles one of those modern artworks made entirely out of clothing. Daily functioning, including lounging, working, and even going to bed are made much more difficult by the swarm of mess that I call my floor. I cannot remember the last time I did not trip immediately as I stepped in my door. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and realize I've fallen asleep on a pair of socks and have lovely little ridged imprints in my cheeks. It is a truly lamentable situation.

But today is a day of glory.

Today, my room is clean.

During the harrowing process of organizing EVERYTHING, I uncovered a beautiful lost secret:

Fourth Grade Annabel.

With a brain complex enough to baffle even the most intelligent readers, Fourth Grade Annabel once filled pages upon pages with beautiful poetry and prose. In her unspeakable wisdom, she often revealed ideas so beautiful that even her modern-day counterpart, NOT-COLLEGE-Annabel (Me!) remains confused as to their origins.

For your well-being, reader, I will be posting various works over the next few days. Let me begin with a report my friend and I wrote about wolves.


Pretend you are a wolf. If you were a wolf, you would not have to eat any vegetables. In fact, you would think they were disgusting. You are a carnivore, so you eat meat. You would not be able to just go to the grocery store and buy a pound of meat. You would have to use your sense of smell, your eyes, and your ears to hung. When you get close to your food, be extremely quiet. Slowly, slowly, slowly, BOOM! You got it! Everyone in your pack congratulates you, and the feast begins!

When you get home, you will either see seven other wolves, or maybe more than twenty! Now, if you are getting BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND with your pack, you can leave and become a lone wolf. If you do become a lone wolf, you will not see your family until winter when you mate with a wolf of a different gender. Now, you will more than likely begin a family of your own. If you are a female wolf YOU HAVE YOUR WORK CUT OUT FOR YOU. You are responsible for raising and caring for one to eleven pups. Since you are a mammal you will feed your young milk.

If you are wondering where you live, we can tell you. You live in something called a den, it is a hole dug in the ground. It is nice, cozy, and sealed with branches and leaves. Your fur coat will also protect you from the cold and camouflage you from your predators. Panting will help you cool yourself down. Your den and your coat provides you with the protection you need to live in the wild.

Your den is in your territory which is where you live and hunt with your pack. You can smell trespassers when they are on your territory. If there is a lot of food in your territory, you will probably live in a small territory. If there is a little amount of food you will probably live on a large territory.

You probably have heard that wolves howl at night. You would too, if you were lost. Now, if you did howl your pack would come and find you. The leader of your pack would come up to you first. He would say hello to you by rubbing his neck against your neck. He would be the strongest of the pack. Now, if you are not a wolf, that is another story.

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