Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello, world! This is Alex!
The lovely Annabel has written TWO WHOLE blog posts in the last few days and the word on the street is that she's working on a third.
Well, Alex, you might be thinking, you need to up your game. This partnership is becoming a little unfair, isn't it? Annabel carrying all the work load?
You might even be thinking that me writing this update is a real blog post.
WRONG. I've recruited my kid brother to do it for me, because I'm the laziest of all the people.
Annabel briefly mentioned my brother, Christopher in her last post. Christopher may be 10% hilarity's biggest and only fan, and as such, he decided he has the right to write a small guest posting. So, here it is... hope you enjoy!
Note: I've only edited for spelling, as Christopher is 9 years old and does make the occasional spelling error

Hey everybody! It's Christopher! And before I forget, thank you Annabel for your compliment about me being the reason for the universe (which is totally true).

ANYways, since I'm posting this here on 10% hilarity, I'm not really 10% hilarity blah blah blah, I'm 99.99 awesome, and .01 very rare mistakes. I said that because I know that everyone makes mistakes, see I'm not THAT vain. Actually, in real life I'm not too vain.

Now, maybe if you knew me a tiny bit, you might ask: What is your favorite TV show? Well, I actually rarely watch TV, I go on computer or Wii most of my electronic time, and when I happened to ACTUALLY go and watch TV, I don't watch cartoons or anything, I like to watch cooking shows like Iron Chef America or Chopped when there's nothing to watch on YouTube or when I'm bored of Wii games.

But when I play Wii or go on computer, my favorite Wii game is Kirby's return to Dreamland (MAN that's so fun) and what I like to watch on YouTube is these thingamajigs called LP's. LP is short for let's play, an LP is when people play all sorts of games whether they're new to it or they've already played it. I like to watch LP's about Kirby's return to Dreamland (obviously). Now, I bet you're thinking : That's so stupid, why would people make videos like that?! well if you watch some, you might like them a lot like I do.

Another thing about me is that I HATE SODA, A LOT!!!!!!!! Why do people like soda? Now, I bet you're thinking, : WHY do YOU hate soda? well because soda is fizzy. ME NO LIKE FIZZY!!!!!!! And that's just the thing, why do people like fizzy drinks? The only thing fizzy I like is fizzy apple juice.

Anyways, I gotta go, so I hope you liked my first ever post on 10% hilarity, so I guess this bye now,
so bye ( And by ze way, I'm waving my hand at you right now).

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  1. I believe that I am a bigger 10% Hilarity fan than Christopher. But we'll call it even.

    *claps for Christopher's blog post*

    Alex, you're a lazy cotton-headed ninny muggins, write a blog post already.